Educational actions for schoolchildren

future citizens discover the coast

The educational actions of the adapto project also target schoolchildren. The inhabitants gather knowledge about coastal protection from the youngest age and share this knowledge with adults.

Middle school students will be the main target. They will alternately participate in theoretical workshops and field trips.


The Conservatoire du littoral will cooperate with the Permanent Centres of Initiatives for the Environment (CPIE) and their National Union, which are organizations approved by the French Ministry of l Education.

On the Mana site, however, given the absence of a CPIE in French Guiana, the Conservatoire du littoral will cooperate with the Organization for the Discovery of Nature in Guiana (ADNG). On that purpose a multi-party agreement was signed.


The process consists of four steps:

  • Discover the issue of coastal protection
  • Link words with the observed elements
  • Find solutions
  • Carry out works on the coast


Our action will be organized according to the following approach:

- creation of a "typical" pedagogical approach;

- communication with officers from the Ministry for Education (territorial pedagogical advisors) to complete and adjust the approach according to the school programs of the targeted levels and educational projects already undertaken;

- creation of the necessary pedagogical tools;

- mobilization of teachers and implementation of the pedagogical approach;

- evaluation, stepping back, continuous improvement throughout the adapto project in order to produce a functional and relevant reproducible approach.


At the end of the project, a collection of teaching tools that can be used in other coastal sites will be published.


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