On-site activities

The adapto project is a development project for natural sites.

Communication events will be organized on the sites so that inhabitants and local stakeholders can have a better understanding of the issues at stake and the development options. Having a visual and physical experience with the sites, the visitors will acquire a greater sensitivity of their peculiarities.

Several types of on-site events will be organized under action E1 "Educational Actions".

For school audiences, site visits will be organized and for some sites, schoolchildren will participate in simple works.

The Coastal Guards will be trained on educational tools to present the adaptive coastal management; additional technical knowledge and appropriate vocabulary will be presented to them. According to the visitors’ profile, the Coastal Guards will answer their questions and exchange to make the visitors more familiar' with coastal protection issues.

In addition, mobile exhibitions will be organized on-site, for example at the Vieux Salins of Hyères (Var).

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