Communication actions

The adapto project has a strong experimental dimension.

In order for coastal stakeholders other than those working on the sites of the Conservatoire du littoral to discover the future results of the adapto project, its results will be published during its implementation and once the project is completed.

The Adapto team members regularly participate in symposiums to promote the project. Within the LIFE network, the coordinator and the project manager for the three sites on the Channel participated in the LIFE + FLANDRE international workshop in June 2018. The coordinator participated in InterLife France 2018 in September 2018; the project for the three sites on the Mediterranean spoke at the LIFE COASTAdapt launch seminar in Malmö, Sweden in March 2019.

A four-page brochure has been created and is distributed at symposiums where a presentation of the adapto project is made.

In addition, a 3D block diagram and a short video will be created for each of the 10 sites.

The project is also presented at the different sites. Large format posters about the Brouage Marsh made by students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage were distributed to local actors.

The central communication tool is this website.

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